The 3 Factors to Productivity and Business Success

productivityHaving an effective organization system is tantamount to productivity. Most successful people in today’s fast changing world will reveal that no matter how much work they do to maximize productivity, they still fall short and the need heightens.

It is common knowledge that hard work is not the best way to achieve success. What a person needs in order to be productive is to work smart. If you want success in whatever business that you are engaged in, you must be willing to invest energy, time, and money. A well-planned action will lead to better execution.

How do you work smarter? Here are three practical steps that you can follow to get more things going, be more productive, and attain a business lift.

1.  Only do things that you are good at and job out the rest.

Each person can only do much and doing everything in order to save money and time teaching others to do the job is not practical. You should learn how to delegate in your organization. Now, if your organization is still not enough to get things done; it is time to outsource. Remember that your time, talent and effort are more important to your business.

2.  Be Discriminating when Outsourcing

Today, businesses can easily outsource projects and jobs. There are numerous online contractors online such as Elance, oDesk, Freelancers and others. Social marketing is widely spread and you will not have difficulty getting workers for the job you need.

However, you must be able to get the best price and contract employees. To find the most fitted to the job you need, you may start with a minimum-priced project. Through this method, you can determine the efficiency, dependability, and commitment of the person you intend to hire.

3.  Automation is Efficiency

Even how effective and efficient an employee is, he is still not 100 percent dependable due to the nature of human beings. People get sick, tired, and make mistakes. Therefore, your ultimate goal to keep your business operations going is to automate. At first, it may be costly, but at the long run it would be more cost-effective. Maintaining a machine is cheaper than getting a new person always to do a certain job in your organization.

If you want to attain good productivity and stable income you should combine outsourcing and automation into your business. However, be sure to do this with discretion.

My top 6 Successful Marriage Tips

Marriage only starts during your wedding day but it does not end there. In other words, an extravagant wedding is not yet the basis for a successful marriage. You still have to work for it in order to ensure marriage is successful. Here are some of the best tips you can bear in mind.

  • Marry for love. A lot of couples nowadays marry not for love but for other reasons such as money, looks, tradition, pregnancy, etc. If the foundation of your marriage is not love, there is higher chance that it would fail.
  • Apply a daily dose of acceptance and understanding. Nobody is perfect and it is usually when you live in one roof that you discover these flaws. But for a successful marriage it is important that you accept your spouse no matter what or else you would be discontented, leading to a failed marriage.
  • Do not put out the fire. Just because you are married does not mean that you no longer need to woe each other or be sweet to each other. Rather, because you are married, the more that you have the right to be sweet to each other as you have the official right.
  • Never ever compare. Discontentment starts with comparison. When a person looks at another person and finds something in her that his or her spouse does not have, discontentment will start and this could lead to failed marriage due to third party. It’s just like buying items. When you have found and bought the one you like, do not look anymore as this will give room to comparison and discontentment in the end.
  • Fight right. Since fights cannot be avoided in marriage, you can fight but make sure to fight right. In other words, though you may fight, do not let it end with division between you and your spouse.
  • Do not give up easily. Just because you had a big fight does not mean you’ll have to give up easily. Marriage fails because couples give up easily without even trying fixing the relationship. Remember, if you fought for that person so that you can marry him or her, you also need to fight for that person to stay married with him or her.

Why Adopting a Pet is a Better Idea than Buying

puppyIf you are considering getting a pet, whether it is a dog or a cat, you will usually be faced with the dilemma as to whether to adopt a pet or buy a pet. Buying a pet is when you purchase a pet from pet stores and adopting a pet refers to giving shelter to homeless pets who are now being housed in pet shelters. When it comes to getting a pet, adopting one is a better idea than buying. Why? Adopting a pet is budget-friendlier. When you adopt a pet, it is no longer a brand new pet you buy from pet stores so naturally, the price is way lower than when you buy a pet. The price ranges from $50-$200 only compared to buying which could cost more than a thousand dollars so you can save money more.

Adopting a pet is a life-saver as well because you will be saving the pet from being put to sleep by some shelters if nobody adopts them for a long time.

Adopting a pet gives you higher chances of finding the perfect pet. When you buy a pet, the price could vary depending on the age of the pet and the breed. But when you adopt, whether you buy a puppy, or an adult dog or cat of any breed, you can do it for less.
Adopting a pet is more convenient when it comes to training. Since these pets have previous owners already who have trained them, all you need to do is enhance the training they gave to the pet. When you buy a pet, you would usually train them from the beginning which is a lot of work to do.

And most importantly, support system is possible when you adopt a pet than when you buy. The shelter will ensure that the pet is living a very good life with you so when you have concerns that may affect the pet, they would be willing to help because they are more concerned of the pet’s welfare rather than on profits.

To find pets in your area visit: and Adopt a pet

– The Blue Ridge Gal


Hiking Tips for Newcomers Who Have Never hiked Before


If you are a newcomer in the world of hiking, you are more prone to committing hiking mistakes. But this should not be experienced by all newcomers. Even if you are a newcomer, you do not have to go through the possible mistakes that most newcomers experience. That is if you remember to abide by some tips.


  • Know the hiking location well. If you are a newcomer, it is not enough to just decide to go on a hiking trip. Rather, it is a must to make sure you know or have background knowledge about the location where you will be hiking so you will know what cautions to take during the trip.


  • Be ready with the proper gears and things you should take for hiking. This refers to knowing the right things to take such as sleeping bags, flashlights, etc. and considering their quality and their functions. It is important that the things you take for hiking are in good condition and in good quality so that they can serve their purpose well.


  • Stick to the group. If you are hiking with your friends and you are a newcomer, it is a must that you stick with your group and never stray from them. If your friends are experts when it comes to hiking, they would know their way but as a newcomer, straying from the group might get you lost in the wilderness.


  • Wear the right and perfect hiking clothing. Hiking should be comfortable for you so the perfect clothing would be something lighter so that it won’t be a heavy burden for you as well as something thicker so that you would be warmed up during the hike. Also wear proper shoes like boots to prevent sprains and other foot issues during the hike.



Tips To Save Money When Shopping For Clothes

Clothes are often expensive especially if you shop buy them from malls. But there are some ways for you to save money while getting your hands on great clothes. Below are some tips for you to save money when shopping for clothes. Continue reading if you’re interested.

  1. If you’re interested in saving money while shopping for clothes, you should set a monthly or perhaps a yearly clothing budget and stick to it.
  2. Before you buy an item of clothing, make your research. Don’t just go to the mall with your credit card and buy, buy, and buy! Look for retailer shops that are selling clothing items with reduced rates.
  3. Also, before you buy new clothes, ask yourself if you really need them. If you can’t say yes, then might as well take the clothes back on the rack. This will help you save lots of money.
  4. Consider your lifestyle when you buy clothes. Many shoppers will only use 25% of their clothes regularly.
  5. Do the clothes pass the comfort test? Remember, if you are going to buy clothes, buy them because of how they fit and not because of the size on the label. If you don’t feel comfortable with them, then don’t buy them.
  6. Don’t follow the trend. Sometimes, it’s better if you’re going to purchase classic styles. Besides, trends come and go but the classic styles won’t.
  7. If you’re going to buy accessories, make sure that they will work with the items that you already have.
  8. Know how the clothes are to be cleaned. Avoid buying clothes that are to be dry-cleaned only.
  9. Consider buying wholesale. You can save money on buying items like underwear, socks and scarves, and children’s clothing if you buy them in bulk.
  10. Buy clothes from thrift shops, consignment stores, and garage sales.

I hope you find these tips helpful when you decide to shop for clothes.